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Pink Plumbers offers a comprehensive array of plumbing services tailored to meet a diverse range of needs. Our expertise spans maintenance plumbing, construction plumbing, and commercial plumbing, along with alterations to existing kitchens and bathrooms.

In the realm of geysers and repairs, Pink Plumbers excels in the replacement of geysers of various capacities, boilers larger than domestic water heaters, and solar geysers and heat pumps. We also specialize in addressing issues with faulty components such as elements, anodes, gaskets, thermostats, safety valves, and vacuum breakers. In collaboration with reputable installers, Pink Plumbers facilitates gas geyser installations, ensuring compliance with South African requirements and providing certificates of compliance.

We are adept at dealing with blocked drains and burst pipes, utilizing advanced equipment like drain machines and high-pressure jetting for stubborn blockages. We offer thorough reporting and assessment using drain camera equipment.

Pink Plumbers is committed to adhering to local municipal requirements and laws, offering drain laying or replacement services when necessary. Additionally, we conduct water audits for domestic, commercial, and industrial units, addressing issues related to water meter readings and inconsistencies in water bills.

Pink Plumbers takes pride in using only the best SABS-approved materials, supporting local businesses and offering a range of international products from reputable brands such as Geberit, Harscan, Hans Grohe, Wirquin, and Viega.

With a commitment to quality and compliance, Pink Plumbers is the go-to solution for all plumbing needs


  • Maintenance plumbing
  • Construction plumbing
  • Commercial plumbing
  • Alterations to existing kitchens and bathrooms
plumbing services


  • Replacement of all geysers (50Ltr, 100Ltr, 150Ltr, 200Ltr, 250Ltr)
  • Replacement of boilers larger than domestic water heaters
  • Replacement Solar geysers and heat pumps
  • Replacement of faulty components E.g. elements, anodes, gaskets, thermostats, safety valves and vacuum breakers
  • Gas geyser installations in partnership with reputable installers according to RSA requirements, including safe install, sign off on geyser installation and COC certificate on all gas installations.
gas geyser


  • Unblocking of drains either with the conventional drain rod equipment or using our drain machine equipment to clear out roots or any obstruction which may be causing an issue.
  • For the tough situations, we can assist with high pressure jetting to clean and clear the most stubborn blockages
    full reporting and assessment using drain camera equipment should this be required.
  • We do repairs/replacements to various burst pipes from domestic to industrial and do an assessment of the line reporting on the condition of the line if required. On all replacements or reroutes we will only use the best in materials that have been approved by the SABS.
burst pipe



Should a drain be collapsed we offer drain replacement should it be required, keeping to all the laws and bylaws pertaining to the local municipal requirements

drain pipes



Having issues with water meter reading on domestic, commercial or industrial units. We know that this is could be a real problem finding that you either have inconsistent water bills and we can offer a full audit on sites to issue a full report indicating any visible issues complete with meter readings and meter numbers allocated to the correct units.

water audits



We pride ourselves in only giving our clients the best SABS approved materials. Supporting local businesses as much as possible
1. Cobra, Grohe and ISCA
2. Incledons
3. SA plumb
4. Vaal sanitary ware

International Products:
1. Geberit
2. Harscan
3. Hans Grohe
4. Wirquin
5. Viega

plumbing materials


We offer a workmanship guarantee on all work carried out complete with the Manufacturer guarantees on all materials